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1. Lathes -
download .pdf file of lathe section from the catalogue


2. Lathe Accessories
download .pdf file of lathe accessories section from the catalogue

3. Duplicators-
Automates the difficult and tedious job of duplicating complex and repetitive turnings.

CML-DUP- Carbatec Duplicator*
CML-DUPR- Ryobi Duplicator*
CML-DUPT - Turncrafter Duplicator
CML-DUPU - Universal Duplicator
CML-DUPJ - Ryobi Duplicator*
* comes with video

4. Pen Mandrels
  Universal Mandrels

5. Pen & Pencil Kits
2001 Designer Pen & Pencil
2001 Slimline Pen & Pencil
Big Ben Cigar Pen & Pencil
Classic Click Pen
Classic Letter Opener
Classic Magnifier
Classic Roller & Fountain Pen
Classic Twist Pen & Pencil
Clip-on Pen
Combo Pen/Pencil
Comfort Pen & Pencil
Designer Brushed Satin Pen & Pencil
Designer Clips, Caps & Bands
Designer Letter Opener
Designer Magnifier
Designer Mini-Twist Pen
Designer Premium Twist Pen
Designer Roller & Fountain Pen
Designer Twist Pen & Pencil
Desk Accessories
Detachable Necklace Pen
Executive Pen & Pencil
Gemini Pen & Pencil
Mini Purse Pen
Penlight - Click on
Penlight - Press on
Polaris twist Pen & Pencil
Power Pen & Pencil
Sculptured Pen - St. Nick
Sculptured Top Pen
Slimline Brushed Satin Pen & Pencil
Slimline Pen & Pencil
Slimline You-Design-It Pen & Pencil
Teacher's Pen
TN Comfort Pen & Pencil
TN Designer Pen
TN Slimline Pen & Pencil
Traditional RollerBall & Fountain Pen

6. Keychain Kits
Detachable Key Ring Keychain Kit
Secret Compartment Keychain Kit (10mm)
Keychain Kit
Mini Penlight Keychain Kit
Screwdriver Keychain Kit
Whistle Keychain Kit

7. Yo-Yo Kits and Accessories
  Aquapearl™ Plastic Blanks
Ball Bearing Yo-Yo Kit
Chrome Ball Bearing Yo-Yo kit
Complete Yo-Yo Components Kit
Exotic Wood Yo-Yo Blank Set
Exotic Wood Yo-Yo Blanks
Leather Drawstring Pouches
Maple Yo-Yo Blank Set
Yo-Yo Blank Cutter
Yo-Yo Blank Cutter

8. Clock Inserts and Accessories
Micro Clock Necklace Kit
1-7/16" Mini Quartz Clock Inserts
2" Premium Quartz Clock Inserts
2-3/4" Quartz Clock Inserts
Pocket Watch Starter Set
Clock Accessories

9. Candle Holders
Candlestick Kits
Votive Candle Holders
Glass Oil Lamp Candles
Glass Oil Lamp Inserts
Free Standing Glass Oil Lamp Inserts
Confetti Lamps - Set of 4

10. "Other" Lathe Project Kits

Ball Bearing Spinning Top
Christmas Tree Ornament
Dart Kits
Desk Accessories
Letter Opener kit
Magnifier Glass Kit
Pen Holding Necklace
Penlight Kits
Perfume Atomizer Kits-24kt Gold Plated
Perfume Pen Kit-24kt Gold Plated
Refrigerator Magnet Kit-Rare Earth
Wine Bottle Stopper Kit

11. Project Supplies
  Mirrors- Beveled
Pewter Bowl Lids
Post Office Lock Box Door

12. Project Blanks- Wood and Plastic

7mm Quick Blanks
Aquapearl Acrylic Pen Blanks
Australian Collection
Banksia Nuts
Colorply Composite Wood Blanks
Crushed Velvet Pen Blanks
Deer Antler
Diagonal Dymondwood
E-Z Blanks (pre-cut & pre-drilled)
Northwest Collection
Popular Collection
Premium Collection
Stabilized Maple Burl Pen Blanks
Tropical/Exotic Collection

13. Finishing Supplies
  EEE-Ultra Shine Paste Wax
Hi-Gloss Project Finish
HUT Perfect Pen Polish
Novus Hi-Gloss Plastic Polish System
Pre-Waxed Polishing cloth
PSI Liquid Friction Polish & Sealer
Shellawax Friction Polishes

14. Turning Tools
  3Pc HSS Turning Chisel Set
6Pc HSS Lathe Chisel Turning Set
Barrel Trimmers
Micro Detailing 8pc High Carbon Steel Set
Mini 5Pc HSS Lathe Chisel Set
Project Turning Chisels

15. "Other" Project-Making Accessories

Barrel Trimmer
Blank Cutting System
Chisel Mate-Lathe Mounted Sanding System
Clamps-Hardwood-Hand Screw type
Clamps-Throat Sliding Bar Clamps
Drill Guides
"Drilling Center" Vise
Grinder-Slow Speed-Wet Dry
Mini Brass Barrel Hinges
Pen and General Disassembly Tools
Pen Tube Insertion Tool
Precision Calipers
Project Assembly Press
Project Blank Trimming Set
Saw Blades-ProCut Carbide Tipped Combination
Saw System-Portable Panel
Sharpeners (Diamond)
Mandrel Stop Collar - “The Spacer ”
Tool Chest-Red Oak Lathe Stand
Universal Pen Blank Squaring Jig

16. Dust Collection Systems
  DC4-5 Commercial Style Sytstem
DC1B-XL Dust Collector
DC2-5 Dust Collector
DC3-5 Portable Dust Collector Air Handler
DC720 Dust Collector
Mini Dust Collector
Super DC250 Dust Collector
Tempest Cyclonic System
Optional Variable Height Stand for Tempest
Powerful Mini Dust Collector
Remote Switches
Spare Filter

17. Dust Collector Accessories
  Air Cleaning System
Band Clamp-63"
Blast Gates-4"
Branches 4" O.D.
Bulk Pickup Vacuum Set
Clear Tubing System-4"
Dust Collection Hose-Clear 4"
Dust Collector Switch-Long Ranger III
Dust Collector-Micron Bag Fabric
Dust-Grabber Downdraft Table-PSI
Flexible Dust Collection Hose
Hose Adapter- Universal
Hose Clamps-4"
Jet Air Filteration System
Lathe Dust Hood
Metal Collection Grate
Motor Blower
Optional Variable Height Stand for Tempest
Powerful Mini Dust Collector
Quick Disconnect
Remote Switches
Router-Dust Hood and Fence
Spare Filter

18. Air Cleaning Systems
  Air Cleaning Systems
Jet Air Filteration System
You-Build-It- Air Cleaning System

19. Pen & Pencil Gift Boxes
  Hardwood Gift Boxes
Leatherette Pen Gift Boxes
Pen/Pencil Gift Boxes
Pen/Pencil/Project Pouches
Triangular Rosewood Gift Box


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