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About PSI Schools Ductwork Design Service

Let the ductwork design team at PSI Schools design the ductwork system that will handle the connections from your machines to your dust collector . Our experience and expertise will save you hours of design work and provide you with a reliable and efficient ductwork layout for your shop. Our service provides you with a computer drafting of the ductwork plan and a bill of materials that lists the components that you will need as well as their prices.
The PSI Ductwork design service is FREE to customers who purchase any TEMPEST cyclone and place an order for ductwork.

Here’s how it works.
Initially our ductwork planning service is $100. You get a $50 coupon if you purchased a TEMPEST Cyclone Dust Collector. This coupon can be applied toward the ductwork planning service leaving a balance of $50 towards the service. Once the plans have been prepared, you get another $50 towards the purchase of ductwork totaling more than $300 in value. The two coupons total $100 which is the price of our planning service. To participate in our service, download the submission form and shop layout grid. Fill out the submission form with the information we need to design your layout and return it to us. You will have to supply payment of $100 if you have not yet purchased a TEMPEST Cyclone and $50 if you have purchased a TEMPEST Cyclone.

Layout your shop to scale on the shop layout grid. Locate your dust collector, your machines and identify areas in your shop that may present barriers to ductwork installation. Please be as precise as possible so that we can reliably design your ductwork system.

After you have filled out your forms mail them to us along with your payment.

PSI Schools is looking forward to helping you design the workshop of your dreams with a dust collection system second to none! For more information call Customer Service at 1-800-377-7297.

Click here to download Submission Form and Shop Layout Grid


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